1200 humans still missing always goes missing from every "report", even in the alternative press. How do 1200 people go missing on an Island? Are they rebooting the show Lost? Plus the FBI shows up with a mobile morgue and cordons off a 12 mile area. The chief of police was the incident commander for LV during the "mass shooting" in 2017. Something smells alright...it's the stench of another cover up.

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And what about the book that was written years before about the maui fires in aug 2023! How come there was a book beforehand for the same time, date and year, and celebrities buying now.land like.mad, Mark zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, it is all about property development, buying cheap after destruction (hurricanes, fires, floods) and then selling high for smart city development. These ushering rich people are like worms feasting on a rotting carcass.... that is what i sea.. making profit any which way as long as they gain...

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EMA Chief had a lot of innocent blood on his hands ! And so many children. "Sleep well" Chief. 😢👎

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Hear me and hear me well, my friends. This was a planned event and all of these leaders were complicit. They waited until the electricity went out (or caused it) and there were high winds. Then they blasted the area with a Directed Energy Weapon (DEW). If they knew there was no power, why wouldn't they have sounded the siren? The government shutting off the water is a new faux pas to me, but it's not surprising. I have also heard that hundreds of people were in their cars trying to escape and the police blocked their way with barricades. They were then burned alive in their vehicles. I read a report yesterday that National Guard troops went in to Maui, and found officials trying to burn and bury bodies that had been shot first. A hundred and eleven people, my ass. I would hazard to guess that it's closer to 1000. Why are they giving the survivors poisoned water and preventing others from bringing in needed supplies? Why aren't they letting in reporters? Are there things they don't want us to see? I would say, "Absolutely! ".

The most frightening part of this to me is how they could do this to any community. Pay off the government, kill most of the people and scare off the rest. I bet you there's a fifteen minute city planned for Lahaina.

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Mister Manual sounds a little too godlike controlling all that water for his own ego. Maybe he snorted too much of this guy's Koolaid: https://www.historycentral.com/Today/Shutdown.html when the government got shut down for over a month over ego problems.

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Maybe the reason they are keeping people out is they are afraid that the more people who see what really happened will blow their story all to he!!.

How many people know what a body looks like after it's been "cooked" by a massive microwave beam?

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Putting Left wing psychopaths in positions of power will insure a "Perfect Storm" of destructive decisions when things come undone. There are currently dozens of communities across the country who have Left wing psychopaths in positions of power. These people operate in a world of illusion, not

reality. There will be many more Maui's in our future.

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The book the Fire and the Fury was published on the 10th two days after the fire. (try finding that book on Amazon now, it's gone). The content is nothing but was in the news. Snopes said it read the book and it was clearly AI written. That's how all the media info was put in a book in a matter of hours and days. (or did they?)


This very frightening because this (AI) is not under govt control (or it is) and knowing what is true or false in current events will be almost impossible to tell the difference.

Clearly the guys running the show are a product of our modern education system, we have people who can not think clearly or have bought into the UN climate agenda. save mother earth eastern mysticism.

Granted there is evidence real bad decisions were made that cost lives. (trust me as a cop, the problem with common sense is that it is not very common anymore). Stupid people who don't know how to think get really stupid when things go sideways.

Yes it is possible high winds can snap power lines and cause a fire, I've seen that several times as a cop, 80-90 straight winds can beak live wires or even cause transformers to blow up in a blue flash spreading burning oil like a fire bomb. With Hawaii being under a drought and very susceptible

to wild fires is real, but what happened as soon as this started was crazy and agenda driven that cost lives. Now the state wants to take over the land (UN agenda).

Plus we as Christian's need to be very careful about the facts we spew out. The one main road out of town was blocked by downed power lines and utility vehicles with police protecting the men working in the street this is all normal stuff, of course there was grid lock, they were not deliberately blocking people from leaving. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/maui-residents-say-utility-trucks-blocked-roads-tried-flee-rcna100200

Plus if know for a fact (something special) caused the fire, we need to be sure we know for a fact it's true. When we speak we speak for Christ. The Bible says we can only say somehting is true on two or more witnesses (at least two verifiable points of fact in court). You say something you just believe and don't say this is what I believe or think, but undisputed truth, with no clear evidence we discredit the viability of the truth in the Gospel.

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