Yes. The Kings and Queens really really hate us, and want to kill us. That simple.

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Such wasted brain matter in some opinions. The Truth is God created it all - man, woman, sun, moon, stars, universe, grass, trees, seasons,and causes rain or any precipitation, heat or cold all atmospheric conditions according to His Will. You will not be God nor take His place, but we all will be judged by Him when we leave this earth.

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It depends on how much longer we the people put up with this madness! Remember, they are much less than 1% of the population, they do what they do because the 99%+ allows it!

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The late John Coleman, the sole founder of the WEATHER CHANNEL on AGW at . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cC2jRQcgnj8

“There is no consensus in science. Science isn’t a vote, science is about facts

There IS no global warming…. The government puts out about $2 ½ billion dollars directly for climate research every year. It ONLY gives that money to scientists who will produce scientific results that will support the global warming hypothesis of the Democrat party position, so they don’t have any choice. If you are going to get the money, you gotta support their position. Therefor, 97% of the scientific reports published support global warming. Why? Because those are the ones the government pays for, and that’s where the money is… that doesn’t make it right, that doesn’t make it true, that only makes it bought and paid for. There is no significant man-made global warming now, there hasn’t been any in the past, and there’s no reason to expect any in the future…. There is a whole lot of baloney, and yes it has become a big political point of the Democrat party and part of their platform and I regret it has become political rather than scientific. “

John Coleman, founder Weather Channel during interview on CNN: "I resent you calling me a denier, that's a word to put me down." Like holocaust denier..."There is no consensus in science. Science is not a vote. Science is about facts. And if you get down to the hard cold facts, there is no question about it: climate change is not happening, there is no significant man-made global warming now and there hasn't be any in the past and there is no reason to expect any in the future. There is a whole lot of baloney and yes it has become a big political point of the democratic party and part of their platform and I regret that this issue has become political instead of scientific. But the science is on my side. The 97% of scientists that claim there is global warming is a political figure. The government puts out 2.5 billion dollars directly for climate research every year. It only gives that money to scientists who will produce scientific results to support the global warming hypothese of the democrat party position. So they don't have any choice, if you gonna get the money, you got to support their position. Therefor 97% of the scientific reports published support global warming. Why? Because those are the ones the government pays for, that's where the money is. It is really simple. That doesn't mean it is right. That doesn't make it true. That only makes it bottom paid for. The money goes in circle….Please stand back from this issue and let the two sides be on the air. There are 31,000 scientists who signed the petition that says it is not valid, that my position is correct and we will keep battling and we will prevail in time…."I hope you go to the websites that present the papers that show that none of this alarmism about ice, and heat waves and drought, "sky falling", none of this is happening…."The weather channel has bought in to it. They drank the cool aid. But so is all the media, that's not big surprise….Many programs they put on on tv... They are not reasonable. They put on their climate geeks, those are not scientists, those are nuts. They never put on a real skeptical scientist. They don't give us any spot on their channels…."I am terribly disappointed. I created a channel to give people their weather, where they live, in their region, and keep them posted on the weather and serve a real purpose. And that channel has been totally distorted and become stranger it can be."

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Tell me, Batman, HOW did this picea glauca (that's a white spruce for the fake fact checkers with their degree in 18th C Belgian Lesbian Musicology) get here?

Picea glauca (white spruce) stump on the Tuktoyaktuk Peninsula in tundra,

some 100km north of the current treeline. Photo by Professor Ritchie (University of Toronto). Radiocarbon date was 4940 ±140 years Before Present (BP), and was featured in Hubert Lamb’s classic work Climate, Present, Past and Future. See http://drtimball.com/2012/sensationalist-and-distorted-climate-stories-increase-as-climate-science-failures-exposed/ for this picture, as well as other AGW info.

Similarly, two recent papers, reported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, one in Earth-Science Reviews and the other is in Chinese Science Bulletin, reported studies of “key chemical contents in micro-drilled giant clams shells and coral samples to demonstrate that in the South China Sea the warm period of the Middle Ages was warmer than the present. The scientists examined surveys of the ratio of strontium to calcium content and heavy oxygen isotopes, both are sensitive recorders of sea surface temperatures past and present. The aragonite bicarbonate of the Tridacna gigas clam-shell is so fine-grained that daily growth-lines are exposed by micro-drilling with an exceptionally fine drill-bit, allowing an exceptionally detailed time-series of sea-temperature changes to be compiled – a feat of detection worthy of Sherlock Holmes himself. By using overlaps between successive generations of giant clams and corals, the three scientists – Hong Yan of the Institute of Earth Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Willie Soon of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and Yuhong Wang of Fudan University, Shanghai – reconstructed a record of sea-surface temperature changes going back 2500 years. The Roman and Mediaeval Warm Periods both showed up prominently in the western Pacific and East Asia. Sea surface temperatures varied considerably over the 2500-year period.” Dr. Soon concludes :” “The UN’s climate panel should never have trusted the claim that the medieval warm period was mainly a European phenomenon. It was clearly warm in South China Sea, too.”

Another study, by earth sciences professor Zunli Lu (formerly of Oxford, now at Syracuse Univ.), studied samples of crystal called ikaite, which forms in cold water, and will melt at room temperature. Samples were taken by Lu and colleagues, examined for variation caused by temperature fluctuations during formation, and dated. The result? Lu writes: “This ikaite record qualitatively supports that both the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age extended to the Antarctic Peninsula.” What does this mean? It means that the MWP was not simply a localized event in northern Europe, or even the northern hemisphere. And if it was as warm 1,000 years ago as now all over the world, Al Gore is simply wrong. Study summary by the UK Register at http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/03/23/warm_period_little_ice_age_global/

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What a perfect time for a false, imitation, substitute messiah to come along a be a champion of the poor people and free them from the powers of this monstrous corrupt dragon rising up to take over the whole world. Would not most of the world run to him literally "Running for their lives" to what appears to be real signs and wonders, calling fire down from the heavens, subduing the nations and bringing world peace and even raising from the dead? Only God can do that right? He must be God this must be the real Jesus!

Most believe when the Anti-Christ comes he going to kill everybody and reek real nasty stuff all over the place. But the opposite is true, he will come masquerading (Imitation) as an angel of light (Jesus). He will appear to stop the madness and run to what appears to be "the" light. But it's all a lie.

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Jun 29, 2023·edited Jun 29, 2023

It reminds me of the Marie Antoinette (supposedly) quote: Let them eat cake!

The elites could care less If we useless eaters actually do eat. There is no climate change. It's an unadulterated fabrication from start to finish. It's just another bold faced lie to control and manipulate us. Period. Whenever you mess with nature, you lose.

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The powers that shouldn't be have been blocking out the sun and geo engineering the weather for years now. Let's not let Bloomberg fool us into believing this is a brand new idea. such bollocks!

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Clearly climate change as it has been called is clearly recorded in history. Ice age, warm periods, oceans rising and falling. All of this effected human history. What they want today is not to "let nature take it's course" but to control the planet to stop all the extremes of the past. We have the arrogance to believe we can now manipulate the weather to do what we want, when an where. This is a Godless view and will never end well.

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How much hubris is required to "manage the Sun"? Solar Radiation Management (SRM) and Global Dimming are names of some of the government/military geoengineering projects that have been in place and active since WWII. SAG Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering and SAI Stratospheric Aerosol Injection are other names.

The devastating heat dome over the Southwest right now and, of course, the absurdity of "ridiculously resilient ridge" that's been parked of the California coast for years causing its extreme drought are not from a hostile Mother Nature. It's what comes of allowing a behemoth, out-of-control military free reign.

Please visit the website GeoengineeringWatch.org. and see the extensive list of patents with brief explanations from 1891. https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/links-to-geoengineering-patents/ See the documentary, The Dimming, prominent on the homepage.

For a fascinating, highly readable history of military weather modification, I would offer "Weather Weapons: The Dark World of Environmental Warfare" by TJ Coles https://stopthecrime.net/weatherweapons.pdf

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What better source of information could one have than straight from the mouths of researchers who go onsite to collect data? That’s what I had during my twenty-two years of employment at a large university. I was in research support, and our small facility built a lot of the equipment used. Our scientists studied volcanoes, the troposphere, the ocean floors and certainly, glaciers. The only research I know of that keyed on climate change was the high-altitude research, and that was to investigate the effects of airliner exhausts on upper-atmosphere areosols. Those in turn affect ozone and other layers that keep Earth from baking out. NASA was involved in that years-long project.

The Greenland and Antarctic ice packs were sampled in many locations, and the cores taken were analyzed for gas content, to document warming and cooling trends over hundreds of thousands of years. Seabed samples were collected for many additional reasons. I am not a scientist and could not offer results from the research papers thus generated, but believe me, I asked questions.

“Well, the polar bears are certainly f__ked,” one professor told me. “They need the ice just to migrate to where they can hunt.” I was also told it was no longer safe to simply go where you please on the Greenland ice pack because glaciers are being undercut by streams generated by glacial melts.

I will encourage you to watch the time-lapse video of ice change on this NASA website:


Additionaly there are deep concerns about the jet streams, which control weather and growing season conditions at least, in the northern hemisphere. These are in turn very dependent in annual salt flows from the antarctic. Which are changing.


While it is true that climate has always been changing, it is also true that Earth has never been so heavily human-populated. And people must be fed. Whether one chooses to believe human activity is the cause, a rapid change in either direction could make that impossible. I’ll leave you with these final NASA links to consider:



That last link is coolest. Go ahead. Tell me it’s all bs. I’ll believe you.

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More from John Coleman before his passing:

John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel and a forecaster on KUSI in San Diego, has called global warming a "hoax" and "bad science" and stated "We are already suffering from this CO2 silliness in many ways… Our energy policy has been strictly hobbled by no drilling and no new refineries for decades. We pay for the shortage this has created every time we buy gas….” While AccuWeather senior forecaster Joe Bastardi says. "Common sense dictates that a trace gas needed for life on the planet would not be the cause for destroying life on the planet. Common sense dictates that what has happened before without man can happen again with man. Common sense would dictate that you not believe me, or anyone else, but go look for yourself."

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I probably have a thousand more quotes like below

“Since I am no longer affiliated with any organization nor receiving any funding, I can speak quite frankly….As a scientist I remain skeptical.” - Atmospheric Scientist Dr. Joanne Simpson, the first woman in the world to receive a PhD in meteorology and formerly of NASA who has authored more than 190 studies and has been called “among the most preeminent scientists of the last 100 years.”

“Inevitably in climate science, when data conflicts with models, a small coterie of scientists can be counted upon to modify the data...That the data should always need correcting to agree with models is totally implausible and indicative of a certain corruption within the climate science community.” Dr. Richard Lindzen, professor of atmospheric science, MIT

Claude Allegre, a “founding father of AGW theory,” has now come out against this, stating “The cause of this climate change is unknown.”

“What historians will definitely wonder about in future centuries is how deeply flawed logic, obscured by shrewd and unrelenting propaganda, actually enabled a coalition of powerful special interests to convince nearly everyone in the world that carbon dioxide from human industry was a dangerous, planet-destroying toxin. “It will be remembered as the greatest mass delusion in the history of the world - that carbon dioxide, the life of plants, was considered for a time to be a deadly poison.”— Richard Lindzen, professor emeritus of atmospheric science, MIT. Source https://www.sec.gov/comments/climate-disclosure/cll12-8855233-238421.pdf

Lindzen also wrote “The notion of a static, unchanging climate is foreign to the history of the Earth or any other planet with a fluid envelope. Such hysteria (over global warming) simply represents the scientific illiteracy of much of the public, the susceptibility of the public to the substitution of repetition for truth.”

Dr Roy Spencer, a principal research scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, has indicated that out of the 21 climate models tracked by the IPCC the differences in warming exhibited by those models is mostly the result of different strengths of positive cloud feedback – and that increasing CO2 is insufficient to explain global-average warming in the last 50 to 100 years.

Dr. William Happer, professor emeritus of physics at Princeton University, ”There isn’t a climate crisis. There will not be a climate crisis. It is utter nonsense.” https://www.sec.gov/comments/climate-disclosure/cll12-8855233-238421.pdf

Piers Corbin, astrophysicist, founder of Weather Action, 2002 said that current weather patterns have nothing to do with man-made climate change. Instead, Corbin flatly states that those pushing this narrative are just trying to make money. “Climate has always been changing,” and “this has nothing to do with man.” Weather this year is “caused by circulation patterns… and CO2 does not cause circulation patterns. What causes those is a combination of solar activity and the phases of the moon” ; the only connection with man is that he is “here at the same time the sun and the moon are doing things. A very similar situation happened about 132 years ago where there was the same sun, magnetic, lunar states (and) there was a heat wave in Russia and floods in Pakistan as now. These things are dictated by solar activity and the moon and nothing to do with mankind. Those who say that are just trying to make money… I assure you, this has nothing to do with carbon dioxide” In his words, see here, 2:27 min.

“The climate scare (is) the biggest deception in history…”Dr. Tim Ball, environmental consultant and former climatology professor at the University of Winnipeg in Manitoba

Warming fears are the “worst scientific scandal in the history…When people come to know what the truth is, they will feel deceived by science and scientists.” - UN IPCC Japanese Scientist Dr. Kiminori Itoh, an award-winning PhD environmental physical chemist.

“The IPCC has actually become a closed circuit; it doesn’t listen to others. It doesn’t have open minds… I am really amazed that the Nobel Peace Prize has been given on scientifically incorrect conclusions by people who are not geologists,” - Indian geologist Dr. Arun D. Ahluwalia at Punjab University and a board member of the UN-supported International Year of the Planet.

“Creating an ideology pegged to carbon dioxide is a dangerous nonsense…The present alarm on climate change is an instrument of social control, a pretext for major businesses and political battle. It became an ideology, which is concerning.” - Environmental Scientist Professor Delgado Domingos of Portugal, the founder of the Numerical Weather Forecast group, has more than 150 published articles.

“The models and forecasts of the UN IPCC "are incorrect because they only are based on mathematical models and presented results at scenarios that do not include, for example, solar activity.” - Victor Manuel Velasco Herrera, a researcher at the Institute of Geophysics of the National Autonomous University of Mexico

“It is a blatant lie put forth in the media that makes it seem there is only a fringe of scientists who don’t buy into anthropogenic global warming.” - U.S Government Atmospheric Scientist Stanley B. Goldenberg of the Hurricane Research Division of NOAA.

“Even doubling or tripling the amount of carbon dioxide will virtually have little impact, as water vapour and water condensed on particles as clouds dominate the worldwide scene and always will.” – . Geoffrey G. Duffy, a professor in the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering of the University of Auckland, NZ.

“After reading [UN IPCC chairman] Pachauri's asinine comment [comparing skeptics to] Flat Earthers, it's hard to remain quiet.” - Climate statistician Dr. William M. Briggs, who specializes in the statistics of forecast evaluation, serves on the American Meteorological Society's Probability and Statistics Committee and is an Associate Editor of Monthly Weather Review. (Note: there really IS a Flat Earth Society, at http://www.theflatearthsociety.org/cms/, whose president Daniel Shenton, thinks “the evidence suggests fossil fuel usage is contributing to global warming.” (See www.tinyurl.com/ozn2wfe. So much for Obama’s comment that “We don’t have time for a meeting of the Flat Earth Society.”

“For how many years must the planet cool before we begin to understand that the planet is not warming? For how many years must cooling go on?" - Geologist Dr. David Gee the chairman of the science committee of the 2008 International Geological Congress who has authored 130 plus peer reviewed papers, and is currently at Uppsala University in Sweden.

The recent World Climate Declaration signed by around 250 university professors, and led by a Nobel physics laureate, noted that models had many shortcomings, “and are not remotely plausible as global policy tools” This declaration notes that natural as well as anthropogenic factors cause warming, warming is far slower than predicted, climate policy relies on inadequate models, CO2 is plant food, the basis of all life on Earth, global warming has not increased natural disasters, and that climate policy must respect scientific and economic realities. Here are all the PhD signatories.

“Gore prompted me to start delving into the science again and I quickly found myself solidly in the skeptic camp…Climate models can at best be useful for explaining climate changes after the fact.” - Meteorologist Hajo Smit of Holland, who reversed his belief in man-made warming to become a skeptic, is a former member of the Dutch UN IPCC committee.

“Many [scientists] are now searching for a way to back out quietly (from promoting warming fears), without having their professional careers ruined.” - Atmospheric physicist James A. Peden, formerly of the Space Research and Coordination Center in Pittsburgh.

A paper has been published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF), written by meteorologist William Kininmonth, a former consultant to the World Meteorological Organisation’s Commission for Climatology and former head of the Australian Government’s National Climate Centre. Kininmonth argues that the oceans are the “vital inertial and thermal flywheels” of the climate system. If one wants to control climate, it will be necessary to control the oceans, he argues. “Efforts to decarbonise in the hope of affecting global temperatures will be in vain,” he adds. In Kininmonth’s view, the recent warming is “probably simply the result of fluctuations in the ever-changing ocean circulation”. CO2 “must be recognised” as a very minor contributor to the observed warming, and one that is unlikely to prolong the warming trend beyond the peak generated by the natural oceanic oscillations” The main driver of global temperature is, he says in the article, the movement of energy in water, both in the oceans and the atmosphere after evaporation. Daily Skeptic summarizes his research stating “Kininmonth proposes that tropical oceans have warmed recently, not as a result of additional atmospheric CO2, but most likely because of a reduction of heat as ocean currents have slowed. Heat has been exchanged with the tropical atmosphere, and transported by the winds to enhance northern polar warming. It is accepted that warming over the Arctic has been greater in the recent past than elsewhere over the globe. Ocean surface temperature in the tropics has warmed much less than the Arctic. However Arctic warming has occurred predominantly during the cold winter half of the year, when the surface is largely in darkness. For Kininmonth, this implies that it can only be the result of heat transport from warmer latitudes.”

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Dr. Lee Merrit, an Iowa-based CO2 expert, reports that the earth is actually suffering from a CO2 shortage. The earth needs an average of 1,600 Parts Per Million (PPM) of CO2 in the atmosphere to support us. Currently, we have 410 PPM. In other words, nature is facing a CO2 starvation. Plants – including those we need to feed us — won’t be able to grow. Story here. https://www.technocracy.news/stupid-personified-collect-and-bury-co2-with-1300-mile-pipeline/

Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace, http://www.theenergyreport.com/pub/na/11079 and whose boat I have personally been on in Vancouver Harbour in the 1980s. Moore later wrote in his book Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom (WattsUpWithThat summary here or Technocracy News summary here) that “A while back it dawned on me that the great majority of scare stories about the present and future state of the planet, and humanity as a whole, are based on subjects that are either invisible, extremely remote, or both. Thus, the vast majority of people have no way of observing and verifying for themselves the truth of these claims predicting these alleged catastrophes and devastating threats. Instead, they must rely on the activists, the media, the politicians, and the scientists – all of whom have a very large financial and/or political stake in the subject – to tell them the truth. This welcomes the opportunity to simply invent narratives such as the claim that “CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels are causing a climate emergency.”

Also from Moore:

“I am a skeptic on climate change. I know the climate is changing, and it always has been. I've studied this intensively over many years. I started what I call the Carbon Project here in British Columbia back in 1989 in order to bring everybody together to discuss this subject and figure out the facts behind it. Since then, I have watched as hysteria has grown, as if the whole world is going to come to an end and civilization is going to die because of humans causing this climate change. I don't buy that, and I certainly know we don't have any proof of it. I'm not denying that we might be playing some role, but the natural factors that have always caused climate change have not suddenly disappeared. I'm very skeptical of the alarmist nature of climate campaigning.” –

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The truth is, there has been global warming recently – but it started around the time of the Revolutionary war, and today we are *****still BELOW the average of the past 3,000 years.**** And this is not just for Europe, Greenland and North America, yet another red herring that has recently been thrown out by the desperate global warmers. The universality of the Viking and Mediaeval climatic optimums is written about by Kegwin, who wrote in Science, 1996:274:1504-1508, the mean surface temp of the Sargasso Sea (which lies roughly between the West Indies and the Azores), which was obtained by readings of isotope ratios in marine organism remains in sediment, shows we are, today, below the three thousand year average, and far below the Medieval Climatic Optimum, albeit far above the LIA. Civil Defense Perspectives, Mar. 2007, Vol. 23, #3, p. 1, notes that evidence for this climatic optimum has been found in all but 2 out of 103 locations where it was examined for, including Asia, Africa, South America and the western U.S. The following graph of temperature in the Sargasso Sea tells you all you need to know (note: that big horizontal line running across the page is the 3,000 year average!), Interestingly, the warmer times coincided not only with the best harvests, but also the least amount of major storm activity. Gee... you think someone might have the intellectual honesty to look up the FACTS I just cited from major science journals, but whatever.

Or let’s put it another way, from the Dansgaard & Johnson study, cit as here on ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Average-near-surface-temperatures-of-the-northern-hemisphere-during-the-past-11000-years_fig5_313127868 shows the exact same thing

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Farley Mowat, the noted Canadian leftist and Greenpeace activist, and whose house my wife used to walk by regularly as a kid in Port Hope, ON., wrote in his book West Viking (written while we were still in the global cooling scare) that there were probably at least dwarf forests growing in Greenland when the Vikings arrived in 985 AD and the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History reports “… Erik the Red discovered two areas of southwest Greenland which were suitable for farming, with grasslands and small stands of alder and birch.” You will note that it is too cold today for any type of forests to grow in Greenland, and there is zero ability to farm, unless modern technologies are utilized – and even then, crop selection is very minimal. Mowat also reported the Arctic pack ice was much less in that Viking discovery era than today.

Dr. Fred Singer writes that when the Vikings first settled Greenland, they grew vegetables, and it was warm enough to allow the population to grow to 3,000 people and by 1100 AD the place was thriving enough that they had their own bishop and twelve churches. Nature reported in a 2010 article that clamshell studies also confirm Norse records. Meanwhile, the Archeological Survey of Canada has also noted around “A.D. 1000, a warmer climate resulted in the tree line advancing 100 kilometres north of its present position.” The results of this? Especially in northern Europe, “the period between 1150 and 1300 was truly a flowering period, for population reached unprecedented levels that were never to be seen again until the late 18thcentury in many countries; the English population experienced a staggering threefold increase in its population during the last century since the Domesday Survey in 1086”. This climate optimum (also called a climate anomaly) coincided with a period of increased solar activity (see below). Farming of various crops extended hundreds of kilometers farther north than it is possible today.

Yet, in the 1100s, Greenland cooled dramatically, briefly stabilized, and then dropped even further in the 1200s to the early 1400s. Sirocko (2010) places the earlier event at the beginning of the 1310’s, while a more commonly accepted time frame for the first cold phase is the coinciding solar minimum called Wolf minimum from 1280-1350. There were repeated cold snaps and advancing glaciers and sea ice from that time onward, but it was not until the early 1600’s that the most devastating effects of the Little Ice Age began to set in, which is the more commonly used date for its beginning. As Dale Mackenzie Brown writes “An ice core drilled from the island's (Greenland’s) massive icecap between 1992 and 1993 shows a decided cooling off in the Western Settlement during the mid-fourteenth century.” But the recent recovery in temperatures is only putting us back to the average temps from an earlier age!

Indeed, when I was visiting Iceland at Skaftafell Nat'l Park a few years ago, Icelandic historians know from extant deeds – and have put in the displays at the park - that somewhere around FORTY old Viking era farms are currently buried under the Vatnajokull glacier system (the largest in the world outside of Greenland and Antarctica). In other words, it was simply much warmer in the Icelandic settlement era than it is today. We are routinely informed of the melting of Greenland glaciers today at lower altitudes, but demonstrably there are at bare minimum low altitude glaciers in roughly the same geographic area that had seen more melting and more pronounced glacial recession one thousand years ago than we see today. Al Gore may want to visit Skaftafell National Park in Iceland on one of his many jet-setting, carbon burning trips to check the facts himself. More evidence: There are records of grape growing occurring in places in northern Europe back during this optimum where they can't grow today. Gregory McNamee, in the Weather Guide Calendar (Accord Publishing, 2002) noted that wine connoisseurs might have gone to England for fine vintages (can’t grow fine vintage grapes there today!), that heat loving trees like beeches carpeted Europe far into Scandinavia, and Viking ships crossed iceberg free oceans to ice free harbors in Iceland…”. Art Horn writes that “In the winter of 1249 it was so warm in England that people did not need winter clothes. They walked about in summer dress. It was so warm people thought the seasons had changed. There was no frost in England the entire winter. Can you imagine what NOAA would say if that happened next year? “

Even the lead global warmer at “AGW Central” East Anglia Univ., in the UK, fraud Phil Jones, before he was outed during the ClimateGate revelations, was forced to admit to the BBC that the MWP (Medieval Warm Period) was real.

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