You are always spot on with your reporting.

Unfortunately, the rest of our society has no earthly idea about what's going on. It will certainly be a slap in the face to normal citizens. But by then it will be definitely way too late to prepare or do anything about it. They will be the first to scream, "Why didn't anyone warn me? Why isn't anyone rescuing me? How did they let this happen?"

Screw them and the horse they rode in on.

I will, however, pray for them fervently.

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On the secular terrestrial view, this world is falling apart on all levels. It's been almost 80 years of decline on economic, moral social and cultural levels. This perfect storm of events have not happened for a very long time. The outcome is being effected by diseases, lack of food and water, war and death.

Most all the major nations are undergoing not only economic upheaval but political instability as well this world is changing but not for the better but the worse, the Bible says that clearly.

Spiritually it does not matter what I believe but what God has said clearly in His Word.

The Bible tells us things will get worse and worse until the Lord comes, that war will continue to the end, that there will be a great falling away from the truth, false doctrine will become acceptable, Jesus even (rhetorically) asks, "will the Son of Man find faith on the earth when He returns?" Jesus said that there are tares and chaff in the church and that will be sifted out before He comes and finally as part of God's plan, Satan via his imitation substitute false messiah will be given authority (by God) to take over the whole world and persecute the saints. (Job's true story is a parable for the church). That the imitation messiah and false prophet will have signs and wonders will be so close to the real thing it will taste like honey in the mouth Ps19 &119 but turn bitter in the stomach even to the saints. It would be so good even the Saints could possibly be deceived if possible. Then at one point those who die for their faith will be especially blessed from one point on Rev 14:13.

Revival does not mean big numbers, it means empowerment to be more sanctified to be used more by God. The very few will do amazing things. Just look at what the two witnesses do in 42 months. And that's just two guys. Jesus does not need lots of followers but followers that are all His, the coming revival is not about numbers but about sanctification via the refining power of persecution and trials as God is preparing His Bride to be ready (pure/white) for His return (the bride groom_Jesus).

As a military commander I can do a lot more with a platoon of really committed well trained and motivated men than a battalion of untrained recruits. This calls for the patient endurance of the saints, that are willing to be faithful even unto death, because there is no fear of the second death.

Yes there will be a great revival but as it has done in history it will come with great trials (James 1). Are you ready?

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All spot on, If we even make it to the election in 2024 I will be surprised, heck even to Christmas this year. When Isreal attacks Iran oil goes through the food if you can get it and there will be massive Arab Israelie war that will really start WWIII and that could happen at any time.

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The world needs a big humble kick in the pants. One can only hold your head in the sand and ignore things happening all around you until you suffocate from the truth bombs exploding in your own back yard. I could fill a page with everything that is happening right now that will lead to our ultimate destruction. And, it's all tied together; just start connecting all the dots. You'll own nothing and be happy. London has already activated their digital control over their citizens. You can't even enter a store if your digital wallet information is not up to date. Think about that.

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The problem continues due to the gutlessness of Snide Snider and his suck-ups to fail to use the word JEW.

Klaus Schwab, Sorros and his son, Zelensky of Ukraine are all Jews. The Covid pandemic and the Covid death jabs which have caused at least 66 million injuries and deaths are all owned by Jew companies.

You are controlled by a Jew "Savior" who requires masochistic blood lust death for forgiveness of sins so you can go out and do more "sinning" after you have crossed the palm of your shirt tailed conman preacher with money. Your TV airwaves are saturated with "N' words mixing with white women and producing mulattos to dumb down the populace so that they are easily controlled by crossing with the genes of those who originally wore grass skirts and could never invent a wheel. Jew big pharma advertises harmful drugs to suckers who are looking for a silver bullet for their ailments but instead get death and terrible side effects which they have to advertise by law. Snyder and his ilk are traitors who bitch and moan about the latest news to get you riled up but never but never name the enemy by name, JEWS.

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In Psalm 109:2 his words aptly describe Israel’s situation then and now: For the mouth of the wicked and the mouth of the deceitful have opened against me; they have spoken against me with a lying tongue. They have also surrounded me with words of hatred, and fought against me without a cause.

You have to have Biblical WORLDview to understand what spiritual time it is. The power is changing in Israel from west to east, they are being surrounded by their enemies. The days of Lot are before us everywhere, and globally. Just as we cannot take Bible verses out of context and must study the whole council of God's Word to prayerfully discern truth, we have to be alert to Israel and global news. We have NEVER been this close to the Rapture and the return of Jesus Christ. So therefore, how aught we to live in these days of wickedness? We are to live as lights for peace and salvation only through lives lived as ambassadors of our Lord Jesus Christ, because the time is near as the Bible says, and none of us knows when our name will be called home to glory before the Rapture either. Nobody is promised tomorrow.

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Osama Bin Laden was a Jew? Really? He openly admitted to being the mastermind behind both attacks on the twin towers. Clearly the Saudi intel agencies knew what he was up to, but allowed it to happen. Did the CIA know as well, we don't know for sure. But history tells us from the Lusitania being abandoned in the Atlantic, to the attack on Pearl Harbor to the Tonkin Gulf incident, to the death of Kennedy and even 9-11 all smell of, how could they not know and how could they just sit back and let it happen? We know know the sudden departure from Afghanistan leaving all that military gear behind was for the Taliban and now we have them getting ready with all our stuff to attack Iran for us. All this was done by non Jewish people.

This is why when Jesus comes he will judge all the nations (including America).

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