Michael makes a good point, BRICS are not ready to replace the Dollar for trade and issue it's own new super currency for really good reasons.

The issue is the USA and Europe are huge consumers and use debt to buy. That fuels the world economy about 77% where the Yuan makes up less than 3% of all global payments in trade, because We buy BRICS exports. BRICS are very low domestic consumers and high savers. BRICS are going to have to transition from export dependent economies to internal consumer demand economies to replace the Dollar USA/EU consumption. That will take time a long time and be very painful for China running more deficits and encourage local consumption and debt something they (china exporters don't want to do. So do get off the dollar will be long and hard. China would have to print (debt) huge amount of Yuans for trade, they can't do that now thus encouraging using local currencies for trade not dollars. But the big consumers are the west and we will want dollars and euroes those local currencies will devalue quickly thus it won't last long.

China has yet to announce their new gold backed currency where the IMF has (Unicoin) backed by almost 300,000 metric tones of Gold. They are ready for the great reset and default on all the dollars and bonds. The timing is key and will be done on purpose and that will be to kill the BRICS system.

When the rest happens USA/EU consumption will drop and since the BRICS need that consumption to survive that system will collapse. Out of it the west arise as the #1 consumers again but this time have a massive new gold backed system the BRICS are not even close to introducing.

Yes the dollar will die but the plan for it's replacement is much further along than the BRICS they are just waiting for the right event to blame the reset on (the BRICS) Plus we are negotiating with India to leave the BRICS for the reasons stated and if India leaves that alone will kill the BRICS system.

Thus Xi an Putin's only result to stop the west is war

Saudi Arabia only has a GDP that is 1.4% globally but oil is a key now but the new global 4th industrial revolution that is coming will use super technology to run things not fossil fuels so Saudi Arabia days are numbered. They know that and that's why they are investing now in other money makers than oil.

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I think that the writing is on the wall. Why would anyone want a worthless fiat dollar that can be printed in perpetuity, when they could exchange it for a gold backed currency? The US should never have stopped backing its dollars with precious metals. Add to that, we've been duped into putting our life savings into the stock market, where it could be wiped out at any moment.

For those of you who think that the US is too big to fail, I guess only time will tell.

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A gold backed currency at this time would be hard to administer. People would quickly turn in their currency for gold and there would be no gold left; a.k.a., 1971. I really don't think there will be a gold backed currency for decades. What will happen once the dollar becomes worthless, in a worldwide currency collapse, due to a lack of global confidence in currency, is that no currency will be the reserve currency of the world for 40 to 60 years. The world will go into a dark age with very little international trade. The whole world will be third world. Only slowly will a gold standard return to this world. The population of the planet will be gun-shy about paper currency for a long time to come.

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