There's no doubt in my mind that this was a planned event and that the government officials were paid off to make it happen. There's no way that so many people could be that incompetent all at once. I am glad you followed up on the barricade issue.

I also heard recently that there was a Space Force base on Maui (think election fraud data). Apparently, they were warned about the attack and moved all of the important stuff out It's too bad that no one warned those poor residents.

I read a lot of crime novels. The human body is 55 to 60 percent water, which in a fire, keeps the bottom half from burning. .To cremate a person takes a temperature of 1400 to 1800 degrees. Even with an excellerant, I am pretty sure a simple fire would not reach that kind of temperatures.

There are so many aspects of this story that just don't add up, it makes my head hurt. I hope everyone involed will be held accountable and punished severely.

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They blocked the roads, shut off the water, turned off the sirens and sent the fire department (and the children)) home. Anyone that doesn't think this was just anther false flag planned event, think 9-11, needs to exit Hawaii. Your heads are buried in sand. Think you are safe from this tyranny evil regime? Good luck with that. And be sure to line up for the next safe and effective save my arse covid or whatever bio-weapon shot. if you are that stupid you deserve to be culled. Sorry but either wake up or get out pf the way.

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Biden was meant to be an embarrassment to this nation. Why do you think Schwab, Soros and the rest had him installed?

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As horrific as it was, let’s not rewrite history just yet as the deadliest fire in American history. The town of Peshtigo in Wisconsin burned to the ground in 1871 killing nearly 3000 men, women and children. Survivors fled to the Peshtigo River to take cover.

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Biden is a complete embarrassment. Fell asleep during the memorial and dismissed what happened by trying to say he almost lost his cat and corvette in a house fire. Nothing that comes out of his mouth is smart.

So many conspiracy theories (which may in turn become facts as many do) surrounding this disaster. One is that anything blue didn’t burn suggesting a DEW. Supposedly all of the nearby celebs have blue roofs. Maybe we all need to use blue roofing lest they try this land grab elsewhere?

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Biden is truly an embarrassment to this nation. Many Americans wish that he would resign, but then we would end up with Kamala Harris in the White House. We have such weak leadership at all levels of government at this point, and it is just a matter of time before more major disasters hit this nation. When a major disaster strikes, please use common sense. Because if you mindlessly follow government instructions, you could end up like those that were burned alive in their own vehicles in Lahaina.

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The fire in Maui was like the fog of war/ combat. People do not act normally or rationally. Confusion and chaos is common. People make very bad decisions based on panic fear and ignorance. Notice a few in the fog of war at the Maui fire took the initiative to do something, anything instead of sitting there and just die (and surprise surprise they lived). In combat the worse decision is to decide to do nothing (think and act). They even found whole families just huddled together just waiting to die.

I've seen police in the crises of a deadly situation totally freeze up, flee in panic or in panic go berserk.

We love to come up with some deep conspiracy theory that all these good people would have done great if not for some secret plan to kill them.

The reality is we need to blame ourselves, from the leadership that manged this to the people who did not respond well when things went sideways, were all the result of many really poor decisions often due to poor communication of simple brain freeze in a crisis or the inability to think clearly in a crisis.

Can we blame people, yes and they should be blamed and held accountable for what they have done. Either be it pure ignorance, stupidity or some mother earth first agenda over people, these persons should have not been in charge.

Just look how Pat Tillman died in Afghanistan by friendly fire (a fog of war event) and how several really poor decisions were made by leadership (including Pat Tillman) that led to that tragic event and what did everyone do? Cover their butts and just lied. They gave Tillman a silver star simply for being shot by his own people with no enemy in the area. Even congress held hearings that were a total sham, a cover up.

This is a very sad and classic example of the total breakdown of our culture society govt and morality. We do not know how to think anymore, we do not know how to be a leader.

The lesson of this we live in a very fallen world. Without Christ in our hearts our hearts that is totally evil in ourselves, if we do something good in that state it's God's grace and His alone. The only answer is not fixing the system but fixing the hearts of men with the gospel. We as a people have left God behind and we should not be surprised somehting like this happened and it will happen again and get much worse. Again God was in the very midst of this fire and death and we need to learn the true spiritual lesson from this What is God's message to the world and His people that will glorify Himself and draw us to Christ. Jesus said "these things are regrettable, BUT THEY MUST TAKE PLACE!"

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