I was a cop for 25 years I retired 10 years ago. With contact of officers I knew who are still on the force, is that the liability rules, and conduct restrictions are so tight everyone is afraid of doing anything wrong, plus the violence and danger is much higher.

This is all part of the plan for chaos total breakdown of society culture Govt and economy.

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There will be such an increase of the sin of lawlessness that those whose hearts once burned with passion for God and others will grow cold. But hold your hope firmly to the end and you will experience life and deliverance.

Matthew 24:12,13

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Who would want to be a cop in a place that those in charge despise you and are more then happy to throw you under the bus.A cops chances of going to jail seem to be higher then, say a corrupt poltician or banker. And then there's the DAs that believe in catch and release of criminals. Doesn't appear to be a lot of reasons to join law enforcement today.

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Many people see with their eyes what is happening all around them-a failing economy, environmental disasters, political and moral corruption-and yet, they believe somehow humanity is going to recover from all of this.

We are witnessing the build up to this world’s final crisis. What we are witnessing is prophetic. The train is out of the station, the conductor is Satan himself, and he will not stop until Christ returns to save His people.

Knowing Jesus and the truth of God’s word, the Bible, is the only hope for anyone living on this doomed world. Get to know Jesus. He is looking forward to spending eternity with you!


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Also, all police dept in the st Louis area just before I retired (10 yrs ago) MacTac training. http://www.tacticalavenues.com/index.php/mactac

We were flat out told about 10 years from now, you will need this training. There will be multiple shootings everyday and TAC or SWAT will be too busy you will be on your own to partner with neighboring agencies to deal with the violence. They said it would be the breakdown of everything, including govt.

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This explains why I’m seeing ads on billboards for Delaware State Police on the Jersey side of the river, in a really poor town too. I’ve never seen that there before. I was driving through recently, as I often do and thought, they must be desperate over there. I guess I was right.

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Who can blame them? Why would anyone want to be a police/sherrif anymore in today's world. Same thing is going on in the military. Numbers are falling for enlistment. Watch for the draft to be reinstated to support Biden's war. They have no problem spending other peoples money and sacrificing our young people to satisfy their greed and power. And this is what we call leadership? Time to set your alarm clocks as many have been sleeping for decades. This is happening and you can go shopping for the latest fashion, get your hair and nails done and it is still happening whether you can face it or not.

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That's why I drive a 2006 Vehicle. If someone really wants it, they can have it.

As for these "defund the police" zealots, yeah reap what yeah sow.

I don't know how these municipalities can possibly attract new police officers. People would have to be insane to enter law enforcement at this point.

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Is this article to cover up how bad SMALL towns are doing because their whole police departments had to close down due to having no personnel? Because right about now I'd rather need a cop in a big city than need a cop in a small town where there may not be one available at all!





It's kind of dishonest to only show half of the story when red states and red counties are suffering much, much more from lack of police.

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Poverty-stricken Puerto Ricans are born US citizens, and the island territory has for decades been a recruitment bonanza for the US military. I had (naively) hoped at one point that the residents, Spanish-speaking and holding US passports, would be God's secret weapon to evangelize Latin America. Sadly, I discovered the culture there is even more fallen and decadent than the rest of the USA. It is actually more reminiscent of Cuba, where decades of poverty and hopelessness have cheapened human life and sexuality to nothingness. Surely the "warm bodies" will be found there, but they will likely be just as hollow as the Haitians, of whom Ann Vandersteel reported yesterday from the Darién Jungle, "they have the devil in their eyes". Recruitment in Puerto Rico is a stopgap measure, until the rest of the nation passes legislation like Illinois. The Land of Lincoln will hire non-US-citizens as police!

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