Putin and Prigozhin played it well. The CIA thought they had their “man”. Putin let them think that just long enough to suck in Blinken and the rest of the Obama buffoons. Now some of the best fighters on the Russian side will get back to work.

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It is now so hard to give any comment of substance on just about anything now because so much is happening behind the scenes and headlines, no one really knows what is going on and this gives the media a free for all in shaping public opinion.

Clearly this is about to get much worse.

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Had anyone considered that Prigozhin has been supposedly exiled to Belarus on purpose for a reason?

Russian has lots of troops, fire power & tactical nukes in Belarus ready to go into Ukraine from the north. And with Russian forces pushing up from the south it would be a lot like a hammer & anvil coming together. So maybe just maybe Prigozhin has been sent to Belarus to make that happen being Putins dog of war.

And the exile thing was just a cover to get him there without arousing suspicion.

Because it seems highly unlikely that Putin would allow anyone who was a potential rival & threat to not go unpunished. Just look at what Putin has done to potential rivals who have threatened him in the past.

Just a thought 🤔

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Sometimes i think that the psycopaths that control things know that this system cannot survive, that there willing to wipe the board clean and start over, as long as there the ones still controlling things.

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In my humble opinion, I believe this was a distraction. Much like the submersible that the US Navy knew had imploded. Yet they searched fervently for a week, counting down the hours of oxygen.

What are we being distracted from, you ask?

I believe it to be the revelations that are being promulgated concerning the Biden crime family. Why did Hunter get such a sweetheart deal? Perhaps he is testifying against dear old dad. Has anyone else noticed how uncomfortable the White House spokespersons have become? They say, "No comment" and then scurry off the stage like their lives depend on it.

What would you say if I told you that Trump was working with Russia and China, to "drain the swamp"? We are definitely living in the most interesting time in human history. Buckle up and enjoy the show.

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It could be a false flag to convince the Russian population of the need of using nuclear weapons! Of a truth, the Russians have found way more opposition than they ever thought possible in Ukraine, and that is pushing them to the corner! Very well played indeed!

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