I read about the economy booming, and it makes me want to spend-spend-spend. I read articles like this one and it makes me want to hold onto every penny I have and not spend unless it's absolutely vital.

Ask your friends and family where they get their info or "news"; then ask them how they choose to spend their money. I think you'll find the exact same problem. People spend when we hear things are great, we hoard and penny-pinch and make do without when we hear we're in a recession.

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Summer clearance sales soon or right now, more will hit the sales. Why pay full price anyway. Makes sense about the boxes.

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Love the inclusion of the cardboard box industry. I hadn't considered t hat metric as one to look at.😉

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REMEDY: TURN OFF the freakin' TV. Lies and spies, we call it. And get the manual and disable the spy cameras in the "security" section. Ignore everything you hear or see unless it is from your wife or your own eyes. And do NOT take any directions from the Government.

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The real problem is the value of the money (currency) we use. Money is anything of real value. That's why in the Bible the love of Manna (stuff) is properly translated into the love of money.

The real culprit is "Keynesianism." It has been the economic model since the dollar became the world currency. The key point is that through govt intervention via tightening and losing of money and credit (via a central govt. bank- The FED) we can manipulate the markets to avoid super economic highs (inflation) and big economic downturns.

The big tool was when things slowed down to much due to tightening the Govt steps in and stimulates the economy like priming a water pump. The problem is politicians saw spending money (unlimited-1970 when Nixon decoupled the dollar from gold) we cloud just spend ourselves into prosperity with more and more debt and we will just raise wages to keep up with inflation. And that is exactly what we did in the 70's and 80's. It started to slow in the 90's and now it's about dead.

The big concern was the in-time devaluation of the dollar. Keynes said that's OK wages will be raised to keep up with inflation. (That turned out to be false).

Once the money gets weaker it needs more pumping more pumping makes the money even more weaker where the formula just stops working and that's today.

Unfortunately, the only way to fix this is to start over and not issue credit we can't back by real assets, and severely limit credit. Yes folks the globalist deliberately broke the bank so they could pick up the pieces and do it properly. The only ones they want to play in the game are them and not you and me.

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