There would need not to be panic buying of anything if people would just stay even a little stocked up on food. I live in an area where we have hard winters, blizzard a hard freezes, and spring storms, tornadoes and flooding included. I am usually flooded out at least 6 times a year. I learned from my parents, who both lived during the great Depression to stay prepared for anything. Today's world just enhances those teachings. I don't even care much for rice but still keep 10 lbs or so on hand just in case or to give to someone having a harder time than me or as a barter item. I don't have to "panic" about it. Last place I want to be in a food shortage emergency is a grocery store. I much prefer to be my own grocery store. And bank, and pharmacy, and pet food store.

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It's not a matter of people being stocked up on food like the rest of the world lives like we do here in America.

The vast majority of people in the world are dirt poor and just having enough to buy food for the day is a struggle, and now this happens.

The #1 one issue is price. Rice prices just jumped and now many cultures where rice is "the staple of life", they can't afford it anymore. What happens when that stocked up stuff runs out? I don't start starving today but 4 months from now, because this is not going away and has just started. So what do you do when your stocked up stuff runs out and there is still no food in the stores and what is there even you can't afford anymore? That is what is coming here!

This is part of the globalist plan, literally to starve people to death or die of malnutrition.

In the great depression in the USA the nation and states did not do a good job of tracking deaths due to starvation so the actual numbers are not known because most died of malnutrition and not flat out starvation and that was estimated in the millions where only thousands actually died of starvation.


This rice shortage is going to make that much worse!

In Sudan the people are so poor most can't afford rice so they make bread with sorghum that is cheaper but much less nutritious. Death in Sudan by malnutrition is high because of that fact alone.

Now the demand for Sorghum will go up due to demand and the dirt poor in Sudan will suffer as well.

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I thought every media was covering the partial rice shortage. The big network news channels are. The front pages of people's email services (yahoo, aol) are.

And black rice is the way to go anyway. Or brown rice or red rice or even yellow rice. If you have to choose white rice, like for longer term storage, then buy Basmati, which isn't being limited right now.

I'm glad this was today's story because it sure lets people know there's nothing new that's wrong in the world if this is what we got to read!

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