The writing is literally on the wall. Whomever doesn't see it at this point is fooling themselves and will be screwed, blued and tattooed. God help us all.

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Thanks Michael for this grim news.

They say here that when the US sneezes Australia catches pneumonia. If that holds true we are in trouble and I have little doubt that your analysis is sound.

By the way I wrestled my way past Amazon and have just received your book. I intend to dip into it soon.

I have been struggling with Zina Cohen's "Greta's Homework" finding it interesting but disappointing quite unlike what I expected all tangled and rambling. Will have to think about how it can be useful to me. Dr Vernon Coleman recommended it. I hope his style is not like it because I have just bought his End Game.

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Economic collapse is happening now but even more concerning what is happening in the middle east, Hamas has just issued a terror threat to Isreal and Saudi Arabia just suspended peace deal with Isreal. This can only mean something bad is going to happen in Isreal very soon, all the Arab nations are coming together even Trurky indicated it may pull out of NATO soon, (to fight with their Arab brothers against Israel.

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