Most people I know tell me "it's too stressfull to think about."

Too stupid to know it will be a LOT more stressful with no preparations when the "penny drops."

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God is still in control of everything

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Sep 6, 2023·edited Sep 6, 2023

Biden is an imbecile and a puppet. He always has been. Remember when Trump was elected president, everyone said he would take us into WW-III? Trump has more diplomacy in his little finger than the whole Biden regime put together. He always says that he could sort this Ukraine war out and I believe him. Greg Kelly (Newsmax) claims to have a tape of ole Joe that will end his presidency once and for all. And no, Kamala (who I lovingly call the cackling hag), won't be president either. There's a DOD lady doing interviews all over the internet, named Dr.Jan Halper Hayes. Look her up. She claims that Trump and the Defense Department have all of the election fraud evidence, and they're just waiting for the right time to release it. Let's get that buffoon out of the Oval Office before he blows up the world. Like or hate Trump, you have to admit that he commanded respect.

Putin might be a sick and insane man, but he has children. Sure they're probably in an underground bunker somewhere, but wouldn't even mad Vlad want his kids to grow up in a world that's not crispy fried to a crackly crunch?

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The west wants war now, the sooner the better. They bomb us, the west IMF/FED/BIS will default on the dollar and everyone's economy dies, millions will die and this is not far off.

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We will all go together when we go...

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Dear Sir,

In the event of a launch of nuclear missile on the USA I doubt USA will keep quiet. The nuclear shield acting like an umbrella and counter attacks will follow. Putin doesn't care about his or his country's safety. In case he is also reportedly suffering from some incurable disease, he will go the whole hog to an all out war and may be helped in his endeavour by North Korea and China. All these communists have no interest in the welfare of their people. USA getting nuclear help from UK, France or India and other like-minded countries is ruled out. USA perhaps will have to manage its war solely on its independent strength.

In such an event materialising many mega tonnes of atom bombs will be dropped. A holocaust is waiting to be seen provided we are all alive. All scientific development will come to nought. No agriculture, No food!

The communists are atheists. They neither believe in God or morals.

I would suggest Putin should be done to death immediately. This is easy for the US intelligence!

I am surprised why Putin is still kept alive.

Athmanathan S

Chennai, South India.

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Putin seems to be trusting China to much. If we get into a war, China could simply waltz in to a very weakened Russia and say "hello" we are now in charge. China wants land, and there are 11 time zones in Russia.

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Some commentators say that we have been in World War III for a long time and have failed to realize this fact. This war is going to end soon with a devastating nuclear attack on the United States of America to begin the 7-year tribulation period. The countdown to this attack began on June 26, 2015 when the Supreme Court legalized Sodomy and Barack Hussein Obama ordered the White House lit in the colors of the rainbow.

It's starting to look like it will take place during the last trump administration.

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The only thing that would ever make me worry is if the reports on Putler's health are true. If he's sick enough, close enough to death, he can just lean back and say "let everything die and at least I'll go out the big man I always pretended to be".

If Putler destroys us, we'll spend our last few seconds destroying him back, along with the rest of the planet.

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