There are two (2) sins Jesus Christ will not forgive: (1) Denial (blasphemy) against the Holy Spirit. (2) Receiving the Mark of the Beast.

On June 16 in a CNN interview; former President Barack Hussein Obama proposed a "digital fingerprint" to identify everyone sending data over the internet. While the Federal Reserve continues on its pathway to a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), beginning with FED NOW debuting on July 1, 2023.

Do not allow the government to implant a computer chip into your flesh or tattoo a mark on your forehead. Time is short. Be strong and very courageous and do not be afraid, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

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Jesus said in Matt 24 that before He returns, one (the man of Sin) will come claiming to be the second coming of the real Jesus with the same signs and wonders Jesus did at first (like pharaoh vs Moses). That He and they would be so convincing that even the elect (you and I) just might be deceived if possible.

Since we know we can't be deceived, the real question is, since we can't be deceived, what would the deception have to look like if we could be deceived? The answer, very very close to the real thing (the coming kingdom)

(Rev 10-like honey in the mouth Ps 19 &119-truth, but turns bitter in the stomach- a lie).

I know of not one Christian would not even come close to thinking this coming digital system would have anything to do with the second coming of the real Jesus, absolutely no deception here. So what is coming is the Anti-Christ masquerading as an angel of light, overthrowing this monster (Daniel 7, and bringing in something that the whole world runs from (the NWO) and into a false tower of safety (the AC) only the truly elect will know the difference (parable of the tares).

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We can thank OBAMA! for giving away the internet to the global cabal that is the UN for this situation to take place. Thank you, Butthole Barry.

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