"They" are not crashing the economy to destroy the deep state. The deep state is doing this. This is all part of their plan. They are in total control.

The dollar replaced the UK pound as the world currency in 1945. It was gold backed 100% but trade would not be done in gold but dollars with the promise "the dollar was as good as gold." The deep state started cheating(printing too many dollars) and nations beginning with France wanted gold not dollars in trade. Nixon then decoupled the dollar from gold and went Fiat in 1970. The "They" the deep state, know fiat systems always fail and implemented this system purposefully, to fail.

In1972 Nixon got China to join this international fiat Banking system. In 1975 the whole world went fiat. Reagan during multiple meetings in the mid to late 80's met with Gorbachev to create peace and economic cooperation including joining the fiat western banking system. All of this was to suck the hole world in and then collapse it and then replace it (the fiat dollar backed system) with a digital super gold backed currency and dump the dollar. Thus the IMF via their newly gold backed(3,000 metric tons of gold) digital super currency, the Unicoin would rule the global economy with the USA at the center. Thus, this Unicoin could be the replacement for the dollar. (Remember the UN, IMF, WB and the BIS were all created with one nation at the center driving this, The USA and the FED).

Russia and China have realized they have been sold a bill of goods and have rebelled with their own BRICS basket of currencies to crush the west's IMF's basket of currencies US, UK, EU. This is what the wars in Europe, the Middle East, Taiwan and S Korea are all about. In order for the BRICS to stop the US lead IMF digital gold backed system, Russia needs Eastern Europe back and China needs to control the western pacific, thus the USA the EU and NATO must be destroyed and this means war. Thus the west is out to destroy Russia and China (communism) in kind, there is only room for one system at the top.

I know a Sr. VP with B of A. and in 2018 I was invited to a private meeting at the St Louis FED. We heard a lecture from the Feds Macro-Economic expert.

From the horses mouth,

At the FED they said everything done to the economy from 2008 to 2018 (massive Q.E. and 0% interest rates has failed)."There is a (FED) plan for the next step but we will have to wait and see what that is."

They cant say because it would cause an instant banking panic and they would lose control of the process.

MY B of A VP friend filled in the gaps for me; a. The FED will purposefully collapse the dollar when the time is right, blame it on someone (communism/Russia China?) b. they will only rescue 4-5 banks too big to fail. c. these TBTF banks will absorb smaller failing banks (that just started). c. They anticipate massive chaos and the FED, the military and police all have been warned and plans put in place to deal with it and this could include foreign police and Milt, police help (the blue helmet guys) d. The new system will be digital with some limited money but all sales will be tracked. e. If you have money in any financial inst. when they pull the trigger you will lose about 50% in "bail ins." "if you have money in the system when this happens you will be screwed." This includes pensions and all retirement plans. f. There will be an extended period of really dark times but out of this will come the NWO with the US/IMF gold backed digital SDR system running the planet, Russia and China lose this fight.

We shall see.

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I have heard from a reliable source that they had to crash the economy in order to destroy the deep state. No money equals no power, you see. The plan was to roll out CBDC, but instead, we will be introduced to an asset backed currency. Of course, few people know the true plan, so we'll just have to wait and see.

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what is your reliable source?

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A girl doesn't reveal her sources. Like I said, we'll have to wait and see.

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It's hard to beat the FED's Macro Eco Expert and a Sr VP with B of A.

We don't have to wait and see, it's happening now right before our eyes exactly as they said it would.

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The Fed dumped 17 trillion into the system in 2020 (FRED M1). They knew this would cause inflation. This would encourage cheap money overseas to buy American as the dollar devalues. Then they rates not to fight inflation but increase returns on treasuries to encourage institutions and nations to hold onto dollars for a good return, to fight the BRICS dedollarization program. They know this is just a stop gap measure until they are ready to pull the trigger on a default.

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No, they haven’t gone mad--they are purposefully crashing the economy/the dollar so that CBDCs can replace cash.

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