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To be honest, the majority of people I know who are too fat, stupid and lazy to even care, let alone take action on this. Or as one woman told me about something like this, as she bought into the system despite knowing the evil: "I know, But I just want to go to Cancun next month." This, from a 40 year old woman.

For me, I will not comply. Not now. Not ever. I am not a cursing person, so I'll just say then can go eff themselves.

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The Federal Reserve is NOT the US Government. It is a private bank authorized at a meeting of elites on Jekyll Island in 1912 to confer on them tremendous power over the US economy. It has worked as they had planned from its commission by congress in 1913. Time to abolish it. "And replace it with what?" someone asked. The same thing you replace a malignant tumor with when you remove it.

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So we must not allow this to happen?

How do we stop this?

This is beyond politics, the holders of all the wealth, they own the politicians.

This is beyond this nation, this is international.

Plus God has said there will be a global economic system where no one can buy or cell but by that system. (Everybody says we got to stop this, someone please tell me how)?

This is all part of God's plan for judgement on this earth. Jesus said these things are regrettable but they must take place. So are we praying against God's will?

As Christians we are the called out ones from a system that will be judged, we are to call others to get out of that Mystery Babylon system not rescue it.

The current system is one big corrupt scales system, that God hates, He is just turning this world over to it's own lusts deeper and deeper. We should not be looking to rescue this age but looking forward to a new age not built by human hands but by God himself.

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When I start talking to people I know about CBDC, they invariably say, "What's that?". Then I spit out what the acronym stands for, they say, "I never heard of it". Then they change the subject.

Other than not complying ourselves, I concur with the other comments. How can we possibly stop this? It's like trying to impede a speeding freight train with a Styrofoam ball. These elites will run over us as though we aren't even there.

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