There will be no US peace marches until Biden puts military in Ukraine and Americans are killed. Conscription?

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So Putin will investigate the manner in which Prigozhin earned 2 billion dollars ONLY AFTER his failed rebellion! This is why I do not favor either side of this conflict. On one side we have Putin, the friend and defender of every communist and socialist regime on the face of the whole world (Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, North Korea, China etc etc), and on the other we have the Sodomite, God-hating West! It is like when Rome started the war against the Jews back in 66 AD, both powers being persecuting powers against the followers of Jesus! No business for a Christian fighting on either side! I desire the destruction of both systems! Both are my enemies!

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Again the ugly truth is that war is always and ever will be about power money and control. The west fears the Russian expansion and Russia fears western expansion, each at the expense of the other side losing power and control to the other side. All of this from the outcome of WW II and the distrust that was started by both sides at the end of that war.

Hear historically Ukraine has been in the middle of this for exactly 100 years of conflict and hell to gain their independence from Soviet Russia.

Historically the vast majority of Ukrainians want nothing to do with Russia and pro Russian leaders never did well at the ballot box. Just look at the history;

1917-1921 Ukraine lost a civil war to the Bolsheviks and became part of the USSR in 1922.

1929 Stalin forced private farm owners to join collective farms am rooted out anyone who was not pro USSR. This became an agricultural disaster. By 1932 there was mass starvation in Ukraine as 5 million died as Stalin wanted to use Ukraine to export most all it's food to fund Russian expansion and left the Ukrainians to starve to death. It was called Holodomor (death by hunger).

1991 the USSR fell and all 15 nations (including Ukraine) gained their independence from the Russia. 92% of all Ukrainians vote for independence from Russia.

1994 Ukraine agrees to surrender nukes to Russia, Russia agrees to Ukraine being free and independent.

2004 Yanukovich a very pro Russian President was elected fraud was suspected and there was a new election. This started the Orange Revolution that won a call for new elections.

2005 Pro-western Yushchenko was elected and NATO makes plans for Ukraine to join NATO.

2010 Yankovich is elected as a pro western Pres. but in 2013 he drops all ties to the west and turns toward Russia again. This triggers massive rallies in the streets for months.

2014 (FEB) Ukraine's parliament votes him out of office by a 73% vote of parliament 328-122. Within days armed men seize the Govt of Crimea and raise the Russian flag.

2014 (APRIL) Eastern Donbass pro Russian Separatist declare independence (nobody voted for this).

2014-2022 there has been a low grade conflict going on with almost 20,000 deaths.

2022 (FEB) to now, Russia attacks Ukraine and tries to take Kiev and this war is on.

Putin said "Ukraine is an integral part of Russian history and has a puppet regime managed by foreign powers." Putin wants all of Ukraine and wants to use this win as a key to get NATO out of Eastern Europe, Russia presented security demands including that NATO pull back troops and weapons from eastern Europe and bar Ukraine from ever joining.

Why? He wants to turn Eastern Europe back to Russia as he tried to do in Ukraine. He could not do it via the ballot box so he must use force and the west will do likewise to stop him.

Welcome to WW III.

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This whole coup d'etat in Russia smells funny. Prigozhin may have felt slighted by Putin, but in what universe did he think that the Wagner group had a snow balls chance in hell of prevailing in a conflict with Mother Russia? A few fighter jets with some well placed bombs would have stopped the whole incident. Now, Prigozhin believes that Putin will forgive and forget? Have you noticed the large number of high ranking Russian officials having "accidents" recently?

The most relevant question of all is why do we care if Russia takes Ukraine? I believe that Ukraine has been a hot bed of corruption and crime and the Biden crime family is deeply embroiled in it. Besides the money laundering, bribes, child trafficking, bio labs, it's a Nazi hell whole. The government, including Zelensky, is at the head of it all. We should stay a million miles from the war, but our resident and chief has too much to lose.

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