Zielinski seems to have complete domination over Biden. Could it be that he has blackmail material related to the millions of dollars that was paid to the Biden family criminal enterprise?

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*About semiconductors, it gets very complex,

For example, an iPhone has chips that are designed in the US, manufactured in Taiwan, Japan or South Korea, then assembled in China.

We are courting India now, which is investing more in the industry, to play a bigger role in the future as we are working for them to take over chip assembly from China. (By the end of the decade India will be the most populated nation on earth and prior to Covid their GDP growth was over 8%). We are moving toward India and want India to abandon the BRICS and come to the IMF SDR system as well.

This alone will mean war by China to stop the USA in this endeavor.

All this new technology is coming from the USA and we are now blocking that from China.

one new technology is the 3 nanometer chip at scale. Invented in America and they are being made by Samsung (Korean) and (Taiwan) Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) - the world's biggest chip-maker and a major supplier to Apple. (This is why China wants control of Taiwan & S Korea).

*about gallium and germanium,

yes China makes most of those two key minerals now 60-70%, but there are efforts to increase production from other sources going on now, Japan, S Korea, Germany, Canada and even the USA.

What is really pushing China to war is that we are slowly squeezing them out of the technology world. As the west is slowly squeezing the Russian military in Ukraine (this has not played out as Putin planned).

WW I was an empire trade war, WW II was just an extension of WW I with Germany winning this time.

WW III will be technological trade war and there is no room for two at the top, no empire on this planet has ever been good at sharing power.

So we are talking about AI and super computers, zero point energy, anti-gravity, Ion thruster engines.

There was an article today about China's lead in "nerostrike weapons,


But in Jan 2018 Israel walked into Terhan's Pentagon and stole all their nuclear secrets and Iran had no idea they were there until after they were gone. In May of 2018 Israel in operation House of Cards struck 21 Syrian Targets (military bases). They got in and got out without any reaction form the ground forces because they did not know about the attack until it started and were gone before they could respond. (How did they pull this off)? I have direct knowledge Israel used a US made neuro-strike weapon (sound wave weapon) right out of Star Trek. Put everyone in the target zone to sleep with a stun setting, walk in and out and no one knows your there until after they are gone and the enemy wakes up. We have had these weapons for a long time now. Hard to believe China is ahead in this area.

Again the media being used to stoke fear and push war.

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YAHweh GOD has the last laugh, the last say!!

HE Will have HIS Way in America🕊🇺🇸

We bind up and gag these wicked pedophile devil worshipers, who think they are in control, Right Now, this moment, in the Name of Christ Yeshua and loose the Power of the Living God over this Land and the peoples who look to HIM and pray and stand firm and believe therefore in the Kingdom of Christ' His righteousness and HIS WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN! HalleluYAH!! HIS TRUTH AND JUSTICE WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL!! 🕊✨ Amen! 🙏

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Add into the unadulterated mess you discussed, the fact that the BRICS nations just announced a roll out of a gold backed currency. That will obliterate the US dollar. All those useless greenbacks will flood back into the US and it will cause inflation to skyrocket. How do you think that will effect the stock market? If you believe that the Biden regime will let that just happen without a fight, you're sorely mistaken. Oh well, it's just another world war. No big deal.

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