I disagree that the world is not able to sustain the world's population with food. There have been many man-made disasters, conflicts and corruption to allow for food to be produced to help feed everyone.

We have globalists that are trying to starve the world by restricting the use of energy and nitrogen needed to help grow crops, feed animals, etc.

We have seen crippled shipments of fertilizers and grains to also feed animals and grow food.

There are corrupt leaders in their respective countries that disrupt food distribution and production. Imagine trying to grow food in an area and make money, but it's either being taken, or the leaders are accepting bribes to allow competing food to come in and undercut local growers.

We throw away huge amounts of food here, and our portion sizes are too big (as is my own waistband), and we're willing to pay for food grown elsewhere rather than grown here, cutting out local farmers, and also diverting food from remote populations who can't pay the same amounts.

There are companies purposefully driving farmers and ranchers out of business to scoop up land for takeovers and food production under their name.

We have government "leaders" (like Gavin Newsom) who drained several years of water within a single winter and then restricted water for farmers, driving many out of business. Gee, who's picking up the land on the cheap? Chinese, well connected companies, etc.

The war in Ukraine has decimated many grain shipments for Europe, Africa and elsewhere.

Without people purposefully causing these food shortages, there's easily enough food to feed the world.

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I don't think the central banks are losing the war with inflation they are part of a bigger system that is deliberately causing inflation to breakdown the entire current world system. It's part of Hegel's Dialectic where you convince people to a point of view that by itself is not acceptable by offering somehting much worse and people will choose the lesser of two evils. The issue is the cost of debt to the central banks. A debt they won't forgive until they have total control when the crash the system and bring down everyone including the BRICS nations and rise up out of the ashes as the #1 system we all will be forced to accept.

Kissinger said you can control people with food, nations with oil and the world with money.

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