All this global upheaval could truly open the way for the antichrist to take power. People will be so scared they will be willing to take any way out.

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Before I retired as a police officer 10 years ago, we received MAC-TAC training.

It's basically SWAT/ special Ops training for all police depts. around St Louis

We were told in the not too distant future about 10 years or so, everything will break down and there will massive multiple shooting every day. Police Depts need to be prepared to develop these tactics and equipment needed because SWAT will be too busy you will be on your own. We will mass shootings every day. It does seem this is beginning as they said it would.

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I am just plain old. That’s my fault. I am subscribed here because I listen. But in my long life there have been but few days where it seemed, little was newsworthy, or scary newsworthy, and usually both.

With the appearance of artificial intelligence, a misapplication of the term because none of it is yet sentient; the rise of the WEF, a scheming crop of Germans harnessing worldwide corporate power in a new effort to dominate the world; yet another potentially devastating nuclear threat in Ukraine, our government led by people in the shadows...it sounds to me like the board has changed but the game is the same.

Preparation for emergencies was always a good idea, and I don’t mean bunkers with machine guns, as a few crazies did in fear of Y2K. Remember that? As the clock passed midnight we all watched nothing happen.

But I’m not into alarmism.

I wonder if I will be blocked for saying it.

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And!!!!!!! And!!!!! Let’s focus also on the “need” to blot out the sun for climate emergency. Long term, this will kill us all.

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Alas Babylon

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