Unfortunately, and completely insane as it is the answer seems to be - YES!

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May 12, 2023·edited May 12, 2023

Yes, Russia won't tolerate this, have very good anti-missile systems, and already target arms depots.

A problem they are not considering/mentioning is that a lot of these expensive weapons are being covertly sold on the international arms market rather than used against Russia, so could end up causing a greater "terrorist"/"rogue-state" problem, including for the donors, thus more costs for their tax serfs!

If the USA, even try to, blow up the TWMV chip fab., both Taiwan and China would probably consider it an act of war, and China may target any USA chip fabs and other strategic industrial sites too! The USA looks fracked to have such jingoistic idiots in congress.

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I think it's about time for a good old fashioned alien invasion. Perhaps superior beings could stop us from destroying ourselves. That is unless the earth is flat and there is no space. But I digress.

Every day I wake up, read the world news, shake my head in disgust and fight the urge to go back to bed.

Of course our leaders all want wars. That's where the money is. Peace just isn't profitable, now is it? Personally, I am more than ready for the Rapture and the second coming of Jesus. I have no desire to live in a post apocalyptic world, but that's just me.

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So, if aliens don't come and rescue us who will? Paul in 2 thess 2 clearly says there will be a great falling away in the church (happening now) and then the man of sin will come and declare himself as God in the rebuilt temple in Israel, (they are ready to do just that now) before Christ comes to rescue His church from the wrath of God (the Bowl judgements).

Daniel 11:36-12:4 say the exact same thing 11:45-12:2 a clear description of the rapture, all who are in the Book (the book of life) living and dead caught up rescued together.

In fact, that is exactly what the antichrist will do first rescue the world not the church. He will come with occult signs and wonders (look just like the miracles Jesus did even raising from the dead) and he will subdue (given authority) over all the nations (by God) and no one can make war against him. He becomes the false prince of peace and the whole world will run after him for peace and safety but it's a lie because sudden destruction will come.

This calls for the patient endurance of the saints. Christians are dying for Christ all over the world now, our turn is coming, are you ready?

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As far as the aliens saving us goes, in the words of Foghorn Leghorn, "I say, I say, it's a joke son". You are way to serious for your own good.

As for me, I am more than ready. That doesn't mean that I can't have fun and enjoy the gift of life that God gave me.

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Another component to help the Ukrainians in the coming offensive, this will neutralize some of the Russian naval advantage by the Russians. Wow, betting Putin won't go nuclear

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Perhaps, what is for sure they want this war and now. The longer the delay the more ready China and Russia will be to fight the west. Both China and Russia know that what we have in space is light years ahead of what they have, both are involved in massive efforts to catch up or come up with ways to naturalize the west's advantage. This is a currency war for the economics of the NWO and it literally is a race against time. We want to push this before they are ready. About 3 years ago I had a conversation with a Ret. Navy Capt. who was involved in setting up the public version of the Space Force. He said the next war, not now but a few years away will primarily be fought and won in space.

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