Please don't be startled when Iran sinks one or more of our naval aircraft carriers in the Med or Persian Gulf. Gog and Magog are now aligned and it was recently reported that Iran is now manufacturing in Iran, "hyper-sonic-missiles", quite capable of sinking a sitting-duck US naval aircraft carrier.

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It is very interesting to see what most preppers are concerned about. It is things that we can deal with, I have a plan to overcome that kind of stuff.

Nuclear war and natural disasters we don't like to focus on because there is nothing we can do to deal with that and survive. We have no power to overcome them so we ignore them, thus I can't deal with it.

This is what is disturbing about the whole prepper movement. It's about me and my survival, it's about me against the world. It's about me living and not thee living.

It has become a very self-centered, save my own skin at all costs mindset.

Don't get me wrong, "it's a fool who sees trouble coming and keeps on going and suffers for it."

It's not that prepping is bad, I get that, but the real dividing line is what is driving me, my motives.

Is it just about me or am I'm preparing to be a light and help to others?

When the Titanic sank and I was prepared for that event with being close to a life boat and had my life vest close, and when it happened and there are clearly not enough spaces for all, would I not be willing to give up my seat and vest to a mother and her baby or a handicapped person, or there is one seat short for a whole family to live?

Where is my heart in this?

Jesus said if what drives you is to save your own life (this life on earth) you will lose it, but if in your heart you are willing to lose your life (this life on earth) for the sake of Christ (sacrificial love) I will gain eternal life (eternity).

These events that demand prepping will be opportunities for Christ to sift His church Matt 13:24-33. Whom will you be? Pure wheat or a tare or chaff to be separated and thrown into the fire of Judgement?

So what do you do when all the food water and IV fluids run out? What happens when they come for you first? Or the mod comes to you and here we are killing each other so each side can survive? "And Satan dances with delight the day the music dies" By By American Pie. So how will I die?

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Michael many of us first came across your writing back when you focused more on prepping. It's the one place where I've seen you be free and most truthful. When you veer into religion you get a little nuts. And you attract the bigger nuts. When you veer into religion forget about it, the nuts get nuttier every time.

Like most people who read you, I also fell for each and every supposed biblical prophecy guaranteed to be The Big One. And like everyone else, I got fooled again. But I still prep. Please stay more focused on useful articles and stay far away from the religious and political ones. It's smarter for your brand and for everyone reading.

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I guess they missed Jesus' sermon about the grasses and lilies of the field, huh?

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Since we're more or less on the subject of prepping, I wanted to add a couple of cents' worth:

While food is frequently mentioned as a critical survival item, as it should be, water is often relegated to a lesser status. Here are the "three 3's" of survival:

- 3 weeks, nourishment to your body

- 3 days, potable water to replenish fluids

- 3 minutes, air to your brain

Clearly, other than breathing, lack of CLEAN WATER will quickly bring anybody to their knees and kill them if not addressed.

Worse yet are those forced to consume dirty water under duress. It may appear fine, yet still be polluted. If dysentery is brought on by contaminants only fluids IV administered will be available to the patient, the GI tract will be useless until healed. So, the only way to rescue your loved one is to have IV fluids on-hand as well.

Helplessly watching people die sucks.

Onward, Christian soldiers!

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